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The Shatter team will be taking one talented winner to Esteli, Nicaragua from March 30 to April 9th 2017. We will be providing a gift of $400 for airline expenses, a homestay in Nicaragua, and meals throughout the stay.  .

Why Do We Believe In This Project?

Shatter has taken on this project because we believe in community art. We believe it is important to reach across our borders and make art with each other.We believe in the work Julio Moreno is accomplishing with his studio in Esteli. Moreno is committed to keeping youth out of gangs and the illegal drug trade. 

What Will This Mural Accomplish?

​Besides giving an artist an experience of a lifetime.​We will be bringing art supplies to Julio Moreno's amazing studio in Esteli, Nicaragua

​We will internationally tour this mural after completion to spread the message:

Community is Important. 

Would You Like to Contribute To This Project?  ​​​

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Submit your original photo portraying the values of community to along with a $5.00 entry fee via PayPal to enter to win this experience. 

Community Photo Entry Fee and Donations

We are hosting a photo contest and taking the winner to create a mural with famous muralist, Julio Moreno in Esteli, Nicaragua.